The Steanes.

Our twins started attending Elite Montessori at the age of 3 and graduated when they were 5.  Over the 3 years, Elite provided a warm and friendly learning atmosphere and encouraged them at their own pace. We are enormously pleased and grateful for the attention, care and education they both received and I believe this unique experience will serve as a strong foundation for their success. 


The Cambouris Family

My son, John, started at Elite Montessori for his SK year as a referral from my neighbour. I really wanted a school that would provide structure for my son. Well to my surprise I got structure and he got love, care and very fair disciple. 


I have done nothing but rave about my sons improved behaviour and interesting things that he’s done at his school so far. It’s evident to see what a loving environment this school has created that my son feels loved and I feel that he is truly cared for. 


The teachers at Elite have no idea how much they have already impacted my sons life after only one month – we and everyone around us can see a huge change in his behaviour. So a world of thanks and gratitude goes out to those wonderful smiling faces for the teachers and the fantastic job that they do at Elite.
I will highly recommend this school to everyone I know I just wish they went right up to grade 8.

Jenn Thomas

Elite Montessori is a wonderful school. I would not think of any other place for my three children. The school has provided my children with a strong foundation in academics. Plus, the school is well organized and meticulously operated with innovative fun ideas in the classrooms.  Last year my son was so excited to watch baby chicks hatch from eggs. The previous years, my daughter watched caterpillars turn into chrysalides, then butterflies. Furthermore, the teachers and staff provide a warm, friendly, and patient environment that fosters respect and caring for others. It is reassuring that my children spent their day in a safe environment that they enjoyed. We truly love Elite and will miss it once our youngest graduates from Casa.

The Hamiltons.

We had our child in a daycare for a year before switching him over to this wonderful Montessori School.  We can see the difference in his behavior; he is now more calm, enjoys reading books and always talks about how much he loves his school!!  We are sooo happy we made the change to bring our 2 year old to this School. The teachers are all kind hearted and intelligent. We are lucky to be part of this little family!!!!

The Gaymes Family

When our son was 2-1/2, my husband and I began to look for a pre-school facility that could provide our son with excellent learning and social development opportunities. We knew little about the Montessori approach to education, but we knew what was important to us. We wantedWith these criteria in mind, we began the search. We researched and visited many schools.

Finally, we attended a meeting at Elite Montessori. Our initial impression of Elite Montessori was that the environment was warm and caring, and that the teachers were highly competent. It was also apparent that the children were accomplishing work at a level beyond what we had expected.

Based on our initial impression, and conversations with the parents of children who attended Elite, we decided to enroll our son.

It has been eight years since we enrolled our first son at Elite Montessori. Since then, we have also enrolled our other two sons. Our extensive experience with Elite has confirmed our initial impression: Elite is an excellent learning facility, the teachers are knowledge and well-trained in the Montessori approach, and that the environment is nurturing and caring. Elite has provided our children with a strong foundation in core academic subjects and practical life skills. Our children have thrived both academically and socially, and possess a great attitude towards school and learning. We are thankful that Elite Montessori has fulfilled the crucial role of providing a very positive introduction to school for our children.

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