The age group in this class is 2.5 – 4 years.  In keeping with the Montessori Philosophy, the program strives to achieve an all round development in the child by focussing on the Five Areas in the Classroom.  The program is designed to aid children in social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development.


Practical Life Area:

Using the materials in the Practical Life Area like stringing beads, cutting paper, handling small materials, pincer grip activities, dressing frames, spooning etc., Pre Casa children develop their fine motor skills which would later help them use more advanced materials in all areas including Language and Math.  All activities encourage the child to be independent, increase concentration and attention span. By learning Control of Movement using larger materials in the classroom they develop their gross motor skills as well.  Lessons in Grace and Courtesy are an integral part of this program.  Children in this program are expected to be potty trained, however, we recognize that they are in the process of being trained at home and we are happy to assist the child in school as well.


Sensorial Area:

Through the use of materials in the Sensorial Area, children explore hands-on various dimensions, volumes, shapes, sizes, textures and smells by using a wide range of materials in the classroom.  This area helps the children to sharpen their 5 senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.  This area also lays the foundation for advanced activities in Math.


Math Area:

The Math Area provides the opportunity to the children to recognize numbers, count, sort and classify objects.  Children become familiar with the names of numbers and learn to correlate them to their symbols.  They move on to learn the quantities associated with the symbols.


Language Area:

In the Language Area, children learn to internalize the phonetic sounds of letters by tracing them with their fingers.  They move on to match sounds of letters with objects and then build simple phonetic 3 letter words.  Communication is a big part of the program where children are encouraged to use their words to communicate their thoughts thus enabling them to speak the language, follow directions, engage in conversations, and expand their vocabulary.

Culture Area:

The Culture Area in the classroom presents the World to the child!  Here the children learn all about the world around them. Lessons in Science, History, Geography, Zoology, Botany, Music and Art enrich the child’s knowledge and creativity.  The aim of this area is to allow the child to experience his or her place in the universe and appreciate and respect differences in other people and their cultures.

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